The IGNITE Sustainable Communities Program was designed and built specifically for its membership base.  While many IGNITE members regularly contribute to the success of the IGNITE Program, some member contributions are so exemplary they simply must be acknowledged.

Nedco, A Division of Rexel Canada Electrical Inc.

A Special Thanks to Nedco and a special acknowledgement to Rob Coulson and his team at the Oshawa branch for making a thirty building, 5000 fixture lighting project on Manitoulin Island a success! Thank you for being a key provider of lighting fixtures to this project. This was a large endeavour and the advice, expertise, professionalism, and quick response to questions, logistics issues, and problem resolution were key reasons why this complex project was finished on time and under budget. Thank you for being an excellent lighting partner!

South Bay Electric

A Special Thanks to South Bay Electric and Laird Lee for being the electrical contractor for the entire Wiikwemkoong lighting project. Not only was the quality of workmanship by you and your team exemplary, but your patience, flexibility, ability to address issues quickly, and strong work ethic were very appreciated. Thank you for working so diligently on this complex, large project. You were simply amazing to work with!  

Hydro One

A Special Thanks to Hydro One for looking after all the processing of saveONenergy applications for IGNITE lighting projects. Without the help of Hydro One, the amount of administration to submit these applications would not be possible within the required time frames. The Hydro One team assigned to IGNITE displays diligence, patience, and flexibility in all their work and interaction. They are also quick to resolve any required problems. The professionalism of the Hydro One team is always apparent and very appreciated. Thank you!

TD Commercial Bank

A Special Thanks to TD Commercial Bank and its Sudbury branch for looking after all funding for IGNITE Member projects.  The amount of administration and underwriting at each stage of these projects is quite significant, and the IGNITE Team appreciates all that Jim Hechler and his staff do to ensure these projects become a reality. We especially appreciate how quick Jim’s team responds to each request for assistance. Thank you!


Special Thanks to BJ TAKE Inc. for creating a custom-designed, four-foot retrofit, wrap lighting fixture for special use in a recent lighting project, eliminating the need to repaint the ceilings in nearly a hundred rooms.  It is this kind of ingenuity that controls project cost for IGNITE members. It also aligns with IGNITE’s mission and vision for its members. We recognize the amount of effort it took to design and build the fixture, and then to get it approved by CSA and accredited by DLC. The electrical contractor was especially impressed with the fixture. The IGNITE Team appreciates everything BJ Take did, and particularly, acknowledges Ed and Joshua Buma for going above and beyond to ensure this project became a reality. As IGNITE supports Canadian manufacturers whenever possible, IGNITE was also excited to support BJ Take, a Canadian manufacturer. Thank you for being an important part of the New Way Forward in infrastructure builds!


A Special Thanks to LEDVANCE (formerly known as Sylvania Lighting) for providing much of the LED lamps and fixtures for IGNITE lighting projects.  We especially appreciate the very attractive pricing and expertise you provide our membership.  Attractive pricing provides savings for our members, which is money that can be set aside for other project types. Thank you for believing in IGNITE and being an important part of the New Way Forward in infrastructure builds.

AIRCYCLE Corporation

A Special Thanks to AIRCYCLE Corporation for creating and providing your Bulb Eater 3 as a safe, efficient way to recycle fluorescent lamps for IGNITE lighting projects. The Bulb Eater 3 technology cuts cost, reduces handling, eliminates storage hassles, and provides a safer work environment for IGNITE members.  The Aircycle technology is just another way IGNITE can fulfill its mission to its members to be the New Way Forward to efficiently renew their infrastructure. Thank you.

Delviro Energy

A Special Thanks to Delviro Energy for developing a special lighting system for ice pads at hockey rinks. One of IGNITE’s First Nation members especially enjoys the new Delviro system at their arena. The design and light quality of the Delviro system adds to the enjoyment of playing hockey. IGNITE appreciates the significant energy, maintenance, and cost savings Delviro provides IGNITE members.  As IGNITE supports Canadian manufacturers whenever possible, IGNITE thanks Delviro for its important part in the New Way Forward in infrastructure builds.  




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